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is zurich in germany?
no, zurich is NOT in germany. and it's not in denmark either. zurich is in SWITZERLAND (which is NOT sweden and NOT swaziland).
will you send me more pictures?
are all girls in zurich lesbians?
of course. so there's absolutely no use for you to come here. unless you like watching ;-)
at which clubs where these pictures taken?
most of the pics where taken at a club the locals call Chuefladae.
what's the official name of the Chuefladae place?
sorry, we can't tell you that. cause it's a really big secret. we could tell you. but then we'd have to shoot you.
i'm willing to die for these girls, will you tell me now?
RTFTG? that's a weird name for a club! what does it mean?
which nights are best to go out?
any night but fr & sat
do swiss girls like american / british / french / italian / australian men?
most of all they like self-confident men. and if you're already worried now - how the hell do you think you're ever gonna score with any of 'em? how much is a flight to germany?
who cares, zurich is switzerland, remember?
why didn't you post my picture?
because: a)you're a dick b)you're not from zurich c)you're just not hot enough
do you want to make 10'000$ a week?
hell yeah! and we're totally convinced that your superduper program will work out for us - and you're only sending us your friggin spam cause you really like us as persons.

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September 19, 2004
Das Auge gives us some splendid insights from Frankfurt...Yes, we can deliver ;-)

December 23, 2003:
HO HO HO ! This year, christmas comes 2 days early...enjoy!

October 1st, 2003:
there haven't been any updates to this site for quite some time - don't worry, we're still here - just reeeally busy with other projects. thanks for your loyalty - stay tuned!

August 6th, 2003:
Thanks to FHM Magazine for putting our link on their site. Now will you please provide us with free subscriptions and an invitation to your next shooting? thanks.

July 16th, 2003:
Now that we've got 2 million hits from all over the world, we want to visualize where y'all are coming from. Click on the guestmap link on the right and mark your spot on the globe.
(the service is currently limited to the 50 most recent posts - if you can provide us with something similar, but unlimited and for free :-) - please let us know. thanks.)

March 27th, 2003:
yep - we did it. we broke the 1 million barrier last night. and all this within 6 weeks. no banner ever promoted this site. we never posted the url in any newsgroups, bulletin boards or alike. it all started out with a simple e-mail sent out to 15 of our buddies. the rest was just pure e-mail "snowball effect". (of course, our url appears on various locations throughout the web, but it was always put there by fascinated visitors and not by the creators of this page)

thank you for making this project a great success and proving again that SEX SELLS...like nothing else!

(we are very aware of the cheap & veeeery dirty design - of course, thumbnails would be A LOT more efficient - but since this all started out with a quick & dirty idea by a twisted & dirty mind, we're just gonna stick with the respective design)

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